Congolese Young Leaders is a youth-led pro-democracy organization working to implement and advance the Sustainable Development Goals in the Democratic Republic of Congo. More than an organization, we are a movement that creates and inspires the next generation of leaders to be catalysts for change and prosperity in the Democratic Republic of Congo. We aim to bring together all young Congolese under the same umbrella where excellence, values ​​and principles are at the heart of every action in favor of the development of the DRC. We also advocate for human rights and inclusion.
Families in Eastern DRC are devastated, having been ripped from their homes by crisis. Every donation, no matter the size, is a lifeline. Your contribution can provide food, shelter, and medical care – the very basics these families desperately need. Please donate today and be a beacon of hope in this time of darkness.
  • Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of the Congo
  • N.106 bis, Blvd du 30 Juin, Commune de la Gombe ,Kinshasa.