Empowering Youth for Political Change: A Virtual Symposium Ahead of the 2023 General Elections

A virtual symposium was held on the topic of fostering a youthful political climate in anticipation of the 2023 general elections. The event was graced by several distinguished guests including:

  • The Honorable Juvénal Munubo, a national deputy in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and a member of the security and defense committee within the DRC’s national assembly.
  • The Honorable Patrick Mayaya, the current National Minister of Telecommunications and Media, and the government’s spokesperson in the DRC.
  • Mr. Eddy Musoke, the OBAMA Foundation’s Ambassador in the DRC.
  • Mr. Gabriel Zagabe, the CEO of Zael Group Spain and National President of the Congolese Dream Initiative.
  • Gloria Sengha, a political activist from the VICI Movement.
  • Prisca Manyala, the President of students in the DRC.
  • Gedeon Baleke, the Executive Director of CYL.

The conference, which had over 500 attendees, concluded with several key resolutions. These included the initiation of an intergenerational dialogue to facilitate meaningful discussions between decision-makers and the youth, advocating for the inclusion of young people in decision-making bodies, and supporting youth entrepreneurship through a comprehensive and effective policy.