Sport for Peace Initiative

The Great Lakes region has suffered a succession of wars for several decades, causing several million victims. This long period of instability generated major population movements in a climate of intense social tension. The socio-political situation in the region seems to have improved since then, but young people are still faced with a lack of opportunities for professional integration and training. The sport for peace initiative  focused on education through sport by offering to all youth (especially disadvantaged, traumatized, orphaned, displaced and former child soldiers) a structured framework for assistance, integration and education. Sport then becomes a vector for the dissemination of a democratic society, integration, fraternity and social cohesion. It is in this sense that we support local teams which supervise young people in the sporting context, we to offer these teams the necessary equipment to practice their sport. Bellow our recent donation of basketball shoes and other necessary equipment to chaux Sport ,a basketball team based in Bukavu (DRC ) that support young people through sport .